The Reason to Read This Blog

abstract-design-1411125208rGm (Lode Van de Velde)I have begun this blog to ask questions I hope make others think, question, and perhaps give me their understandings with the goal to bend all notions of what is real into knots of originality caught into the familiar twisted into some new perception of real.

Everyone is programmed by news and media to believe and obey while thinking is forgotten. The world is in need of a mind shake. I think the question of reality is no better or worst a place to begins than any other topic.

There will be no apologies for my opinions, yet I will allow discussions with a few ground rules. First, respect for all including oneself is mandatory. Disrespect will earn you banishment faster than any action. Trolls and bullies are not welcome here.

And since I’ve no idea the ages of those who will read, language is also a mandatory element. If you would not say a series of words in front of your mother/a nun/ your hero/and such then don’t you dare write them here. I am watching what I write, thus expect the same from commentators.

Finally, keep to the subject of the post. I will ban anyone who spams my blog.

This is all for now.

KJC 06 Feb 2016